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    Heart disease: hypertension, pressure, arrhythmia, heart attack

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    How to take peony tincture for hypertension and other diseases

    Does peony tincture lower or increase blood pressure? What are the benefits of the plant? Indications and contraindications for the use of the drug. How to use the tincture correctly?

    Why does the heart hurt and sharply gives back and side

    Is back pain dangerous? What pathologies provoke the appearance of pain in the heart and chest. What to do if there is simultaneous pain in the heart and back.

    What is early ventricular repolarization in children and adults

    How dangerous is the syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles of the heart? What are the causes and symptoms? How are different risk groups diagnosed and treated? Features of the treatment of children and adolescents.

    What pulse during pregnancy is considered normal

    The pulse is normal in pregnant women: because of which, women can have a quicker pulse during the bearing of a child. How can it be returned to normal, with the help of what examinations such problems are detected.

    5 signs of multifocal and unifocal atrial tachycardia

    Atrial tachycardia - the causes of the development of pathology. On what grounds is the classification of types of atrial tachycardia carried out. Symptomatic picture and diagnosis of PT. Ways to treat the disease.

    Can cardiosclerosis after a heart attack cause death

    Postinfarction cardiosclerosis - what is its danger, symptoms, possible consequences of the disease, treatment methods, survival prognosis, prevention of cardiosclerosis.

    9 symptoms of tachycardia in diabetic patients

    Tachycardia and diabetes: features of the disease, the relationship of pathologies, causes of heart rhythm failure, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, methods of treating tachycardia in diabetes, prevention.

    Does high cholesterol cause atherosclerosis?

    Atherosclerosis: causes of the disease, risk factors. Does high cholesterol always cause atherosclerosis? Normal cholesterol levels and deviations that affect cholesterol metabolism, how to improve performance.

    What medicines to take if the heart hurts

    The main causes of heart pain. What pills for pain in the heart in which cases to take. The procedure for taking, dosage, indications and contraindications of cardiac drugs.

    Exercise therapy and breathing exercises for angina pectoris

    General information about angina pectoris, recommended physical exercises for angina pectoris as part of physiotherapy exercises; technique, rules for performing breathing exercises; a list of groups in which exercise therapy is not recommended.